How does QuickRequest work?

QuickRequest is a Discord bot that runs on the Crafting For Christ Network Discord that manages requests for access to our white-listed servers on our Network. Initially developed in under 2 hours to handle requests for the RLCraft server that was launched at that time. QuickRequest has now been updated and is more capable to handle requests from multiple servers.

How to Request?

To request access you need to join our Discord if you haven't already.
Currently is currently 1 whitelisted server on our Network which you can find more information about this on our Play page.
To request access the syntax is following !request SERVER USERNAME Example: !request revelation shadowolfyt Use this in a Discord channel to submit a request for access and a Senior Staff member will look over it and either accept or deny your request. NOTE: You will not be notified if your request for access has been denied.
If you have any questions or queries about this: Please comment in the post below and one of our Staff will help you out. Join our Discord for Support. Or email our support team at [email protected]​