Introduction to Currency

On the Survival Server in The Economy Update we implemented a shop/economy system. This would allow players to create shops and exchange goods and services.
The Server uses Diamonds as an economy item. The system is a 1 to 1 system 1 Diamond equals 1 dollar.

How can I obtain currency?

To obtain currency to use in the economy you will need to find Diamonds and mine them. Once done so, use /sell Diamond or /sell hand and you'll be notified that your balance has been updated.

How can I exchange my Diamonds out of my balance?

You may find that you want to obtain your Diamonds back from your balance to use. To do this you will need to go to the Survival spawn and look for the Red Tent. From there you can find an Admin Shop setup where you can buy back Diamonds from your balance.
The Red Tent @ Survival Spawn (-240 -380)